Different part of diamond

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Diameter The width of the diamond as measured through the girdle.
Table This is the large, flat top facet of a diamond.
Crown The upper portion of a cut gemstone, above the girdle.
Girdle The narrow rim of a diamond that separates the crown from the pavilion. It is the largest diameter to any part of the stone.
Pavilion The lower portion of the diamond, below the girdle. It is sometimes referred to as the base.
Culet The tiny facet on the pointed bottom of the pavilion.
Depth The height of a diamond, from the culet to the table.



Upper facet of a diamond. It is the biggest facet of a diamond when viewed face up


is the angle of the crown facets to the diameter of the stone. The perfection of the
crown angle aids in the scintillation and the brightness of the diamond seen to the naked eye.

Crown Angle on a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


is the area where the crown facets and the pavilion facets of the diamond meet. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Girdle, Medium Thickness
Faceted Diamond Girdl


is the term used for the point / area where the pavilion facets meet. It is ideally pointed, but
sometimes to prevent damage to the culet, it is at times faceted.

Pointed Culet on a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


Depth is the height of the stone measured from the table to the culet