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An international company

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Our strategic priorities are to maintain our leadership, even through alliances, in the diamond and jewelry industry. The diamond and jewelry industries are increasingly competitive. Our clients, as the world's leading jewelers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, are continuously seeking ways to add value to their own businesses. Our global network enables us to identify and respond rapidly to market shifts. For the future of VJV, we strive to grow the company, build awareness for VJV as a branded house, and find ways to innovate in the diamond and fine jewelry industry.

Global network & distribution

Through our global network of offices we are able to place a large spectrum of goods - rough & polished - from small full cuts to large stones. Our large distribution in all consumption centres including clients from Place Vendome in Paris and major watch brands in Switzerland to Wal-Mart in Bentonville. We are in a privileged position to have a 5% market share of local polished sales in all major trading centers. Our sales & marketing teams further enhance this global reach with co-branded and private label marketing programs in tandem with retailers.


Through our ever-active team of global buyers and manufacturing centers, we are able to procure goods from the markets worldwide, in large quantities/qualities and fulfill our customers’ demands in a consistent and timely manner. Our economies of scale allow us to offer unparalleled value.

Fulfilling demand

VJV clients range from the world's most prestigious brands to small, specialty jewelry houses. We also supply the leading diamond manufacturers, distributors and retailers in every part of the world with a comprehensive range of diamonds, from the smallest stones to single diamonds of the very highest quality.

Personal service

All our clients have access to dedicated service teams led by a direct personal contact. Our successful client relationships are based on VJV's insight into the specific needs and priorities of each of our clients. VJV's technical and service expertise is also backed by a strong financial, IT and communications infrastructure.
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