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Rough Diamond

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VJV enjoys an unparalleled supply of rough diamonds. We procure diamonds from mining companies in Canada, Russia, South Africa and South America.

In accordance with our highest ethical standards, VJV takes great care to verify the provenance of its rough diamonds. Our internal distribution systems are designed to track the diamonds through the manufacturing and finishing processes.

We are a key player in the diamond business with a global client base. Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled in terms of both quantity and quality. We would like to emphasize that our primary focus is in manufacturing. The polished and rough dealing activities are there to create efficiency and scale in our manufacturing operations, thus enabling us to provide consistent supply to our polished and jewellery clients.

We have established core centres of excellence in dia-mond manufacturing around the world. Our state-of the-art factories are both efficient and innovative, constantly upgrading to meet the highest technical skills. Our pro-duction range includes rounds (from 0.005pts to 10cts+) to calibrated princess diamonds (from 0.03pts to 10cts+) and a wide variety of fancy shapes.

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