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The colour of a diamond is one of the vital factors influencing the price of diamond. In diamonds, the best colour is no colour at all. Colourless diamonds are extremely rare, hence making them the most sought after. Contrary to common belief, all diamonds are not truly colourless. They actually come in many different colours - commonly faint yellow or brown. But its colourless diamonds, sometimes called white diamonds, which all other shades are judged against. Colourless grade diamonds are the most valuable with exception to some fancy colours which are again very rare and expensive if their colour is natural.

Colourless diamonds allow the maximum refraction of light thus maximising brilliance. In comparison Off White diamonds absorb light hence inhibiting brilliance.

There is now an internationally recognised colour grading scale which starts at D (colourless), and goes down to Z (light yellow). Each letter grade represents a range of colour and is a measure of how noticeable the colour is. Colourless diamonds and diamonds that are yellow or yellowish brown are grouped into the categories shown below


D Absolutely colourless The highest colour grade, which is extremely rare.
E Colourless Only minute traces of colour can be detected by an expert gemmologist.
F Colourless. Slight colour detected by an expert gemmologist, but still considered a "colourless" grade. A high-quality diamond.
G-H Near-colourless Colour noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades, but these grades offer excellent value.
I-J Near-colourless Colour slightly detectable.
K-M Noticeable colour Light yellow
N-Z Noticeable colour Yell

*   D         E          F          G       H           I            J          K           L         M

These grades do not apply to fancy coloured diamonds-they have their own colour grading standards

D, E or F commands the highest prices because of their rarity. Less than 1% of all diamonds are colourless hence they command a premium . For the untrained and unaided eye, it is very difficult to distinguish between D, E or F colours as they are all colourless with miniscule difference in colour.

They are then followed by the near-colourless (G- H),followed by ( I- J) with G and H being universally most popular. The spectrum then gets a visible yellow hue from (K-R). Colour more intense than (R) is considered fancy.

Fancy Colour

Intensely coloured diamonds are known as "fancies" or fancy coloured diamond. Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds are rare and can be very expensive. It’s said that out of 10,000 normal diamonds one of them would be a fancy colour diamond. The most popular fancy colour diamond is Yellow. Other colours such as Pink, Blue, purple and Red and can be extremely expensive.

Fancy Coloured Diamond Grading

The colour of a fancy coloured diamond is measured differently to a normal diamonds. The grading scale is based on the intensity of the colour. The GIA fancy colour grading scale is: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark

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